Monday, March 23, 2015

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Houston Robbery Lawyer Andy Nolen
Houston Robbery Lawyer Andy Nolen
Houston Robbery Lawyers Andy Nolen represents real people charged with all kinds of crimes, including Robbery.  If you need a Houston Robbery Lawyer,  call Andy Nolen right now at 832-480-8951.

This true story from Eugene, Oregon appeared in

A picture of a Unknown bank robber wanted by the EUGENE  P.D.— The young man apparently just wanted to phone his parents. But his mistake came when he made the call from the Eugene, Ore., police station lobby.

Police say an officer working a desk assignment Wednesday recognized the man from surveillance footage of Tuesday’s robbery of a Wells Fargo bank branch.

The officer notified detectives, who arrested the man nearby.

Police say 23-year-old Nathan Alan Bramlage was booked into the Lane County Jail for investigation of second-degree robbery and violating probation.

Detective Ralph Burks tells the Register-Guard, “I just assume that he didn’t believe that we’d recognize him.”

Houston Robbery Lawyer Andy Nolen has over 22 years experience representing persons accused of committing criminal violations of State and Federal law.

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