Friday, March 20, 2015

Houston Criminal Attorney Andy Nolen Fights Assault Charges

Houston criminal attorney
Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together. -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, German writer and polymath (17th century)
Houston Criminal Attorneys Andy Nolen & Associates represent men (and sometimes women) accused of assault family violence in all kinds of relationships.  They also represent juveniles accused of striking their parents and siblings.
A first time assault bodily injury family violence case is a misdemeanor, and a second is a third degree felony.  Assault bodily injury by a male against a female is considered a crime of moral turpitude and is a serious crime.  Before you have a criminal or juvenile record for violence, you need to call a serious Houston Criminal Attorney.
Houston Criminal Attorney Andy Nolen has over 22 years  experience representing persons accused of committing criminal violations of State and Federal law.
Houston Criminal Attorney Andy Nolen treats  every person they represent as if they were a friend and neighbor.   When you call, likely Andy Nolen will answer your call himself.  You will be dealing with Attorneys, not secretaries, assistants, or answering machines.
If we can be of any assistance, or you just want to talk about your situation, please call Houston Criminal Attorney Andy Nolen at 832-480-8951..